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Professional Communication for Your Brand

I’ve been a professional copywriter and ghost writer for the past 10 years. My work has been requested by major brands in several industries for a wide range of purposes. From corporate communications and correspondence, e-commerce product descriptions, SEO friendly blog posts and more, I’m well-versed in all the writing styles that matter to today’s markets and industries.

No matter your content needs, I’ve got the skills and attention-to-detail necessary to ensure your service, product, or brand is represented in exactly the tone you need. Contact me today and let’s get started!

My Services

Website & Blog

Copywriting for your website's pages and blog posts that gets the attention of not only your target audience but search engines as well.

News & Editoral

Ensure your brand's news and events get noticed with thoroughly researched and interest-grabbing press releases. Ask about my distribution options as well!

E-commerce Descriptions

Increase sales of your products with detailed, SEO-friendly product descriptions that help people find and understand your products and have them clicking "add to cart" more than ever.

Medical Transcription

Let me handle the transcription of your medical recordings, meetings and notes with the level of accuracy the medical field requires.

Video Transcription

Increase your video's presence in YouTube by transcribing the spoken words of your video content.

Corporate Communication

With strict adherence to your brand's personality and core values I'll craft powerful corporate messaging that resonates with people both in-house and beyond.

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